Pest Control – How to Get Rid of Unwanted Guests

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Whether it’s marching ants in your kitchen, rats crawling up the foundation of your house or borers chewing through timber, Pest Control Auckland companies can help you rid yourself of these unwanted guests. Using professional services will make it easier and safer for you to deal with the problem, especially if you have kids or pets. Ask to see a detailed treatment plan. Ask about humane trapping of feral animals and what chemicals they use. If you prefer natural Auckland pest Control methods, like catching birds with nets or spraying your house with Sodium Borax to get rid of fleas and cockroaches, choose a company that offers this.

How do I get unwanted guests to leave?

Pathogenic microorganisms present severe threats to all aspects of New Zealand life. Currently kiwifruit, pine plantations, apples and pastures are subject to pest incursions. They are often disseminated by wind and can be hard to detect, exhibiting non-specific symptoms and long latent periods.

Successful biological control of weeds and invasive invertebrates is critical to sustainable agriculture and biodiversity conservation. Recent success with the introduction of exotic braconid endoparasitoid predatory mites to suppress clover root weevil (Sitona obsoletus Gmelin) in New Zealand’s main pasture species, ryegrass/clover, has had considerable impact on agricultural productivity and averted economic losses.

A new survey shows 84% of Kiwis support pest control for the protection of native wildlife and environment. The survey also tests public attitudes to pest management by asking people if they think it interferes with nature, has unknown side effects, is detrimental to future generations or should be considered less important than other conservation issues.


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