Playing Online Casino Games in Italy

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Among the most exciting things about playing digital casino games in Italy is the possibility of winning huge jackpots. These life-changing amounts can be won by players in slot online games. Slots, in particular, are the most lucrative. Those who want to enjoy the best slots in Italy should consider JackSclub Casino.

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Sisal is the first gaming company in Italy. It was established in 1945 by three journalists working for the Italian press, Geo Molo, Fabio Jegher, and Massimo Della Pergola. In 1946, Sisal became the first gaming company in Italy to obtain a government license. Its first game, Sisal Schedina, was played on May 5, 1946. It also invented Totocalcio, SuperEnalotto, and Win for Life.

The Italian gambling community is made up of both men and women. Women account for around 10% of the gambling population compared to 10% twenty years ago. Moreover, women have more financial autonomy and have more leisure time. Advertising has been a major contributing factor in this increase. Many women prefer playing “escape” games like slot machines, Bingo, and Gratta e Vinci. For them, playing these games represents a respite from the monotony of their lives. Go here :

In addition to popular slots, players in Italy will have access to several other games. Many of the recent releases from the provider will be available, as will several poker variants. However, the game that Italian punters are most anticipating on gambling forums is Deal Or No Deal Live. The game is a joint venture between the operator and the developer and will be available for the first time in Italy.


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