Tailored Fit Shirts For Men

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tailored fit shirts

When you want to look sharp and feel comfortable at the same time, choose fitted dress shirts for men. These shirts can help you command the room at a big meeting or keep your confidence high while you complete a busy day at work. Find tailored fit shirts for men in a variety of styles, including herringbone and solid colors that are great for the office or a formal event.

What Is Tailored Fit?

While the term “tailored” brings to mind a tailor hunched over a sewing machine, it simply means that this shirt is cut closer to your body. It is tighter than a slim fit but not as tight as a classic fit. This link mens tailored shirts – tailoredathlete.co.uk

A typical tailored fit shirt will have inwardly curved side seams that give it a boxier silhouette. It will also have smaller armholes and sleeves that taper at the wrist. This fit is perfect for individuals who have a slender frame and tiny waist.

Elevate Your Style: The Essential Guide to Men’s Tailored Shirts

In contrast, a classic fit shirt will have straight seams and be looser across the shoulders and chest. This style can look baggy if worn without a jacket and puff out a bit at the waist when tucked in.

In order to determine which fit is best for you, measure your neck and collar size using a piece of tape. Place the tape around your neck where the top of the collar would sit, with two fingers between the tape and your throat to allow for breathing space. Then, measure from the center of your back to the point where your chest starts for your collar size and your sleeve length by wrapping the tape around your elbow with it slightly bent for a good measurement.


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