Values of Old Gas Globes

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old gas globes are a favorite of antique collectors and enthusiasts. They are a symbol of America’s highway culture and art deco style. They also represent a unique way of advertising a specific brand of gasoline.

When collecting these quaint items, it’s important to understand that the value of the collectible will vary depending on its condition and scarcity. The more damage a globe has, the less valuable it will be. Additionally, older and more colorful gas globes are generally more valuable than newer ones.

A Glowing History: The Evolution of Old Gas Globes

The first step in determining whether or not a globe is authentic is to look at the mounting hardware. Original globes will have brass or cast iron rings that are attached to the glass by bolts. The rings will usually have a tarnish or patina that isn’t present on the newer reproductions.

If the globe is still attached to its pump, it’s also a good idea to check the base of the glass. Originals will have a 7″ base, while the newer ones may have a 6″ base. In addition, a 7″ base will be thicker than the 5″ one found on most reproductions.

If the globe is a one-piece baked or etched globe, it will usually have a rounded wide body. The earliest ones were either painted or etched with a specific brand of gasoline. They were then fired or baked on the back to make them permanent. Some of the most rare and valuable ones are the Texaco Aviation Globes that have raised lettering with a painted propeller graphic. They are valued at about $20,000.


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