What is a Gravity Force Bong?

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gravity force bong

A gravity force bong is a cannabis smoking accessory that uses the gravity force of water to propel cannabis smoke into your lungs. This type of bong looks like a science experiment, but it works in a much more basic way. The water from the bottom of the glass bottle pushes the smoke through the glass to the mouthpiece, where it is drawn into the bong.

What you should know about gravity bongs ?

There are many different gravity force bongs available. Many of these are homemade, or you can purchase a professional one that’s made of high-quality glass. Glass bongs give you the cleanest smoke. Bamboo bongs are also a good option, as they are lighter and more durable. Plastic and ceramic bongs are less expensive, but they produce less-than-pure smoke.

Gravity force bongs contain high levels of THC, so a newcomer may want to refrain from purchasing one until they’re more comfortable with a higher THC dosage. However, gravity force bongs don’t pose any greater health risk than any other method of cannabis smoking. Professionally made products are made of food-grade materials, and consumers don’t appear to face any major health risks.

Gravity force bongs produce a powerful hit that can cause some smokers to cough a little. The resulting hit will become less painful and less irritating as the user gets used to the large hits.


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