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When we see vampires on film feeding and having sex it’s graphic, but it’s mostly the R rated kind of graphic. Let’s go deeper into the XXX vampire world, where sex with vampires is shown as a raw, relentless sexual roller coaster. I love watching a vampire sink their teeth into a human but to be able to see a vampire sink their teeth into a raging hard cock?! Or how about seeing a male vampire impale his night stick in a willing orifice?! YES PLEASE!

If you are looking for vampire porn with beautiful vampires feeding their sexual appetites on humans, look no further than the legendary adult film director and Evil Angel porn company founder John Stagliano’s Voracious adult series. With Voracious we are treated to two seasons of a masterful sexual escapade that digs deep into the struggle of the undead and the ways in which they unleash their uncanny sexual wrath on the world. Season 1 highlights the love story between an anthropologist (Manuel Ferrara) and Amira (Brooklyn Lee), a young vampire dealing with her new life in a vampire clan that consists of incredible adult film actors Rocco Siffredi as Vlad the Impaler, and gorgeous Lea Lexis as vampire Adriana, Amira’s guide into the new world. Season 2 focuses on Adriana searching the world for any signs of vampires after they are forced into hiding from after it is exposed that vampires are real.  Both of the seasons are jam packed with tons of sinful eroticism, seductive vampires and scotching hot, hardcore sex.

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with adult film actress Lea Lexis about her experience shooting for Voracious. Not only was Lea one of the undeniably a perfect vampire in Voracious, she was also a writer, producer, and creator of this magical world that is truly something to sink your teeth into.

PORNO BOBBIE :: Your background is Romanian. Most if not all of the vampire myths and mythology originate from Romania. Is vampire folklore still popular there?

LEA LEXIS :: I grew up reading history books about Vlad Tepes [the original Dracula], the ruler of Transylvania in the 15th century also known as Vlad the Impaler. As I started learning about his notorious ways of punishing his enemies my interest in the vampire myth grew. I went on school trips through “Dracula’s castle” and listened to every vampire story a local would share. My knowledge about the vampire myth grew. Right now, I doubt kids in Romania still learn about the vampire myths.

PORNO BOBBIE :: The scenes in Voracious are filmed in such low light and in gloomy, ominous places that it really enhances the overall tone and mystery of the vampires. Was the low lighting a nod to vampiric aversion to daylight?

LEA LEXIS :: Yes, it was intentional and necessary. Shooting in that kind of lighting it is not an easy process, but it made such a difference to the look and feel of the movies. Most of Voracious season 1 was shot at night so we lived like vampires, sleeping through the day and working at night. John was very particular about the lighting and the look of the movie.

“The vampires get high off the sperm. It gives them a rush, a very strong pleasuring haze, but with a bit of risk.” – Lea Lexis

PORNO BOBBIE :: Talk to me about the shooting schedule for the Voracious films. You guys shot all over the world: Los Angeles, Berlin, Budapest and San Francisco. How important was the location for these films?

LEA LEXIS :: Those places were the perfect choices because both John and I knew them very well. I started my career in Budapest, traveled to Berlin for many years for shoots and expos and of course “my home away from home” the San Francisco Armory [home to the Kink.com studios]. This place is very dear to me .

PORNO BOBBIE :: Your character Adriana is the one of the strongest, most manipulative, calculating vampires in the Voracious series. How did you go about creating such a complex creature?

LEA LEXIS :: The character kept growing and transforming with every scene John and I shot. Ideas would come into our heads and our twisted minds would have all sorts of cravings. It would mostly start with “what would happen if she … ” Rain DeGrey (Mother Superior in Voracious Season 2) was an incredible character that grew with time too. Her acting and the way she talked in the movie made every scene she was in so intense. It is all owed to John and his directing. He never stands in the way of performers, he lets his creativity impact you and then captures what follows.

“But not every human is worthy of being turned into a vampire. Some just get captured and used over and over again…” Lea Lexis

PORNO BOBBIE :: Throughout the Voracious films, the vampires lock eyes with each other with such an intense kinetic force its hard not to ignore.  Do you feel that kinetic energy is essential for vampires as far as their communication goes and seduction goes?

LEA LEXIS :: That power play being exchanged through looks is so erotic and strong. It showcased the sixth sense of vampires. Communicating through locked eyes and energy without words is another statement of the vampires’ supremacy .

PORNO BOBBIE :: Whenever Amira touches Manuel she can see into the future and further connects with him. Whenever vampires and humans embark on a forbidden love affair they have a special connection with each other. Is Amira’s ability to see into the future when she touches Manuel indicative of him being her soulmate?

LEA LEXIS :: That special power is unique to her and Manuel. We see this very early in the movie and it is one of the hints that tell us there is going to be a special connection between the two .

PORNO BOBBIE :: Humans are referred to as “blood slaves” in Voracious. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Since vampires need blood to survive, how does it make humans the actual slaves? Are they blood slaves in the sense that if a vampire is feeding off a human they become the possession of the vampire?

LEA LEXIS :: Vampires are envied and desired by humans. It is that power and immortality that is so alluring to humans. But not every human is worthy of being turned into a vampire. Some just get captured and used over and over again. Hence the name “blood slave”.

PORNO BOBBIE :: Blood is not the only fluid that vampires are so keen to partake in, especially in Voracious. What is it about male cum that drives the vampires crazy?

“The characters are multilaterally developed and their different traits are shown throughout the entire action. ” – Lea Lexis

LEA LEXIS :: That was our interesting erotic twist to the vampire story. The vampires get high off the sperm. It gives them a rush, a very strong pleasuring haze, but with a bit of risk. Every time they satisfy this addiction, it makes them vulnerable, off guard, and a bit more weak .

PORNO BOBBIE :: One of the elements that I love about some of the characters in the Voracious films is the internal conflict the characters must go through. We have James Deen who is killing vampires, yet falls madly in love with Stoya [a vampire], Amira struggling with living as a vampire and wanting to live a normal life with a human. We also have priests and nuns struggling with casting out the devil yet secretly succumbing to their unorthodox sexual desires. Do you feel that these internal struggles the characters go through are important to their character development?

LEA LEXIS :: The fact that we see their depth and their internal struggles makes them fascinating. That’s one of the reasons why this movie turned out so great. The characters are multilaterally developed and their different traits are shown throughout the entire action. The viewer becomes a part of their journey because they witnessed the changes and discovered the different sides of the character.

PORNO BOBBIE :: I LOVED the sick and twisted love affair between Stoya and James Deen’s character.  From James capturing Stoya and keeping her prisoner to the intense hard core sex they both have. Their chemistry was intoxicating and it showed throughout all of their scenes together.

LEA LEXIS :: That chemistry was very intoxicating. Their real emotions shone through and carried that scene to a new intensity. You can tell that their personal relationship allowed Stoya to trust James into taking her on a great pain/pleasure adventure .

PORNO BOBBIE :: Lets talk about vampire blowjobs versus human blowjobs. To me it felt like the vampires gave way better blowjobs than the humans did! It was as if the vampires were literally sucking the life out of the male humans with the blowjobs. The vampires also made it sucking dick crucial to their existence which to be honest is totally fine by me. Especially when Adriana and Sandra Romain was working over the cocks!  It was BREATHTAKING!

LEA LEXIS :: It was that hunger and addiction that was fueling their [vampires’] desire. It wasn’t about the humans, but about the life out of them, their juices of life. Their warm tasty blood and the intoxicating taste of sperm.

PORNO BOBBIE :: Are there any plans for a Voracious Season 3?  If so, what can we expect to see?

LEA LEXIS :: This was a truly incredible project and new ideas will always come to life in a form or another, but I can’t promise a third season. I will say this though, if we get to do another one we might see Lexington Steele in some amazing scenes .


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