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A Termoenergi advisor is a qualified professional who assists building owners and professionals in making improvements to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings. These individuals can help with new construction or extensive renovations and can perform required tests and inspections. They can also verify the compliance of a building with various energy labeling programs recognized by building codes. Whether you are an individual or a business owner looking to make changes to your property, an energy advisor can help you reach your goals.

What Does an Energy Advisor Do?

energy advisor

An Energy Advisor works for ARE and is responsible for generating new business for the company, and maintaining current client relationships. They are responsible for the entire sales process, which includes prospecting, pitching, closing, and following up with customers. This is largely an inside sales role; 80% of the time will be spent working in the office while the rest is spent attending client meetings and industry events. An average Energy Advisor works 40 hours a week, reaching out to more than 70 prospective clients per day.

The role of an Energy Advisor is highly demanding, and they will need to be knowledgeable about renewable energy as well as energy efficiency. They may work on-site helping customers, or they may be hired off-site to solicit business. However, the majority of an Energy Advisor’s time will be spent on sales, and they must be extremely thorough and patient. A typical Energy Adviser works 40 hours a week, and they’ll need to contact at least 70 potential clients a day.


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