Shrooms and Psilocybin in Toronto

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With marijuana legalization on the horizon, some Canadians are shifting their attention to psilocybin-containing mushrooms. In Toronto, there are now two in-person shops selling dried mushrooms and products like teas and gummies. But while recreational mushroom use is growing, many users still face a legal limbo — and even dangers.

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Earlier this month, Shroomyz, one of Toronto’s new shops that sells magic mushrooms and psilocybin edibles, was raided by police. They seized a large quantity of dried mushrooms and psilocybin, as well as the proceeds of crime.

Psilocybin is a powerful hallucinogen that can cause intense effects. These include visual changes, numbness in the tongue or lips, and time distortions – where minutes seem to drag out into hours. Depending on the dose, it can also induce feelings of euphoria or enlightenment. It’s important to do mushrooms in a safe environment with a buddy and eat them responsibly to avoid negative side effects. Link :

For more information on the effects of mushrooms, check out Dance Safe, a harm-reduction website focused on drugs used at nightclubs and raves. The website has a comprehensive guide to mushrooms and offers tips on how to safely consume them.

In the meantime, those looking to buy mushrooms can find them at Fun Guyz, which opened in the trendy Parkdale neighborhood this week. The shop’s owner, who chose to remain anonymous, says business is booming. She keeps her prices low to make the medicine accessible, and wants to see the government legalize mushroom cultivation.


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